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Orthodontics: why you want straight teeth?

Orthodontics is the field of expertise in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. No matter if we discuss about crooked teeth, misaligned jaws, or irregular bites, all problems must be assessed by Dentist. At Million Dollar Smile, we do our best to manage irregularities smoothly to aid you to achieve a gorgeous, healthy smile.

Most of our patients aren’t sure when to see a dentist for Orthodontic treatment. We encourage you to schedule a professional consultation if:

• You lack confidence in your smile because of your uneven bite, crooked or gapped teeth.

• You have a lot of pain and soreness in your teeth, gums, or mouth.

• You have problems with chewing.

• You have trouble speaking.

• Your teeth are visibly misaligned.

Common Orthodontic Treatments

Based on the type of problem you experience, your Dentist will recommend one or a combination of the following orthodontic treatments. The goal is to achieve a healthy, and optimally functioning, aesthetically pleasing smile to restore confidence in yourself!

Braces: These are some of the most common orthodontic treatments used in a dental clinic. There are several choices you can opt from, including metal braces and tooth-colored ceramic braces. Adults prefer clear aligners, but you should always discuss this with your dentists. All types of braces come with advantages and disadvantages depending on the problem you aim to solve.

Removable appliances: These aren’t as precise as fixed braces, but they are able to move a tooth or a group of teeth. Usually, removable appliances are custom-fitted by your dentist. This type of orthodontic treatment is recommended before braces are worn or when you aim to treat a specific problem.

Retainers: When braces are removed, a retainer can be positioned to keep your teeth in the right place. These can be either fixed or removable.

Invisalign (Clear Aligner therapy): Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible removable aligners. These are personalized for your teeth to offer improved comfort. Your teeth will gradually move towards the intended final position. Invisalign treatments are the latest improvement in dentistry, since they are comfortable, clear and removable.

At Million Dollar Smile Currently We offer This Treatment without referral to Specialist! 

The Advantages Of Orthodontic Treatment Plans

Orthodontics plays a major role in dentistry since it can help you achieve a beautiful smile. Misaligned teeth or improper positioned can lead to a higher tooth decay risk and gingivitis. An inadequate bite can make it difficult to floss and can encourage improved oral hygiene.

The main benefits of having orthodontic treatment in our clinic include:

• Closure of the gaps between the teeth;

• Proper alignment of your teeth and jaw;

• Straighten crooked teeth;

• Better oral function;

• Mending of inadequate bites

It is worth mentioning that if you leave orthodontic problems untreated, they can lead to permanent damage to your jawbone and gums.

Why Choose Us?

At Million Dollar Smile, we are Invisalign Certified and able to help you manage the problems listed above. In addition, our experts will offer insights during an initial consultation so that you make an informed decision.

Orthodontics is a special field of dentistry that can aid you in restoring your beautiful smile. So if you’re experiencing an overbite, gaps in the teeth, or similar issues, you should reach out today!

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