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Dental Implants: Why Choose Implants Over Regular Dentures?

A dental implant represents an appliance attached to your jaw under the gum line. This will eventually fuse to your jaw, enabling a dental implant expert to attach a metal post to act as a root for an artificial tooth or a bridge of artificial teeth.

Overall, dental implants are a common alternative to standard dentures. At Million Dollar Smile, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you benefit from the best dental implants. There are numerous reasons why our experts recommend implants over regular dentures.

• Dental implants have impressive cosmetic and functional characteristics.

• Implants act like natural teeth, making eating comfortable.

• Implants don’t move while eating or speaking.

• Dental implants prevent neighboring teeth from shifting into the nearby gaps.

A dental implant expert will assess the status of your teeth and recommend the best solution. An initial consultation is mandatory so that a dentist will know the steps to take to improve your wellbeing.

Dental Implants Procedure: Step By Step

Initial Consultation

A dental implant procedure starts with an initial consultation. This is meant to evaluate your oral health and understand the extent of the required treatment. Next, your jawbone will be analyzed to ensure it’s safe to replace damaged teeth with implants. A dental implant expert and his team will outline the procedure steps and answer any questions you might have.

Explaining The Implant Procedure

A dentist will take the time to explain the tooth implant procedure thoroughly. Usually, implants are performed in stages, which is why you’ll require several visits to the clinic.

The procedure starts by removing damaged teeth and assessing the jawbone. The goal is to monitor the jawbone’s healing process so that the new implant is safely inserted into your gum.

Following this, you will have to allow some time for your jaw to heal and integrate the new implanted prosthesis before the abutment is inserted. Once this step is performed, the implant can be safely positioned into your gum line. From there depending on the final treatment, you might have to wear a provisional or a temporary prosthesis or crown while the tissue is healing and being shaped to fit the final prosthesis in most esthetic, healthy, and optimally functional manner.

Necessary Aftercare

Your dentist will explain how to take care of your teeth until the healing process is finished. You can expect some discomfort after the procedure, and the pain will be easily managed with OTC medications and painkillers if necessary.

Discomfort surrounding the operated area is normal. Experts recommend applying ice packs to alleviate the pain and swelling after surgery.

An important fact worth mentioning is that the jaw and surrounding tissue will require some time for healing. Usually, it can take between 6 to 12 weeks, depending on your health. Your expert Dentist will explain everything you need to know about getting implants and necessary aftercare.

Why Choose Us?

At Million Dollar Smile, we do our best to improve our knowledge and skills constantly. Choosing an experienced and professional authority for implants is vital for you! Only an expert should perform this type of procedure since it is delicate and requires a lot of attention to detail.

Our team uses the best practices in the industry for the best results with dental implants. You can reach out today to request additional information about our dental implant services.

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