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Endodontics: Can Save Your Teeth!

Endodontics is an important dental specialty that manages the study, diagnosis, and treatment of the tooth's dental tissue, pulp, and root. A trained dentist is capable of also performing this treatment since it involves treatment of the soft pulp tissue inside the tooth.

At Million Dollar Smile, our doctors receive advanced training, specialized in treating soft pulp tissues inside the patient’s teeth. He will help preserve part of all of the dental pulp if the tooth is healthy. Still, the pulp must be removed if it is infected. Irreversible infected pulpal tissue is more common than you think! If you experience prolonged discomfort and sharp pain, it might be the perfect time to schedule an appointment. Inflamed pulpal tissue might be the cause!

Dental Problems That Require Endodontic Treatment

There are numerous reasons why you should consider visiting your dentist. A root canal treatment is a go-to solution in case of dental trauma. Also, when patients ignore tooth decay, it can reach the inner chambers of the teeth and require a dentist to disinfect the area and save the tooth. You Dentist also manages abscesses, old fillings, fractured teeth, and infected dental pulp.

Bacterial infection: Bacteria can reach into the pulp of a tooth even though there is a tiny opening made by tooth decay or injury. The inflammation or infection results are the main reason why people opt to see the Dentist.

Tooth Injury: When a tooth is dislodged from its socket or is knocked out, Your dentist can reposition the tooth, stabilize it and perform a root canal. The goal is to safe, healthy teeth if achievable. Best results if both is repositioned and stabilized soon after the injury occurs.

Chipped Tooth: A fractured tooth can lead to the necessity of a root canal if the pulp is exposed to bacteria. Only an experienced dentist can determine the best course of action for a chipped or fractured tooth.

Pain And Sensitivity: Frequent tooth pain and sensitivity to heat and cold can indicate several oral health problems.

The main goal of endodontic treatment is:

• To clean and disinfect an infected and inflamed root canal system of the tooth;

• To remove damaged pulp;

• To removed bacteria, abscess, and infections from your tooth and your head

• To reshape the root canal system;

• To fill the root canal system to prevent re-infection and ensure healing.

The Root Canal Procedure

An experienced Dentist will explain the procedure and walk you through the steps he will take. Generally, before the root canal starts, a local anesthetic will be used so that the discomfort is kept at a minimum during the procedure.

Your Dentist will open the top of the tooth and remove the pulp (nerve tissue). He will clean, reshape and enlarge the root canal to ensure the damage is limited. Afterward, the root canal will be filled with a rubber substance to act as a bandage. You’ll most likely receive a temporary crown or filling. Later on, your dentist will remove the temporary filling and insert a permanent one.

Crowns are always recommended with endodontic treatment. The tooth without the nerve tissue and blood supply becomes like a dead tree, very fragile. To prevent teeth from fracturing with time, your Doctor will recommend placing a crown on the tooth to give you maximum support and life from your tooth.

Why Choose Us?

At Million Dollar Smile, we have the skills and training required for the best endodontic treatment results. In addition, we carefully assess your discomfort and suggest the best personalized treatment plan.

An initial consultation will tell our expert Dentists how to fix your problem and restore your oral health. Reach out today for an appointment so that you’ll receive all the information you need.

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