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About General Dentistry Services

The major area of dental treatments is represented by general dentistry. This is oriented towards ensuring you have good oral hygiene and dental health. All our general dentistry services are designed to ensure you don’t have problems like cavities or gum disease. We cover a wide range of treatments, and we are able to assess your overall dental health and needs.

General dentistry uses restorative treatments to deal with tooth decay, trauma, or diseases in various zones of the mouth. It concentrates on long-term dental health and benefits. At Million Dollar Smile, we offer each patient a treatment plan based on the results of an initial exam. This personalized treatment plan acts like a road map for your dental health expert.

What General Dentistry Services Are Available In Our Clinic?

We use a combination of specialized care so that you have access to all dentistry services in one place. This means our portfolio includes restorative services and standard dental care treatments.

General Dentistry Procedures

At Million Dollar Smile, we can help you with:

• Exams and teeth cleanings

• Cavity fillings

• Tooth extractions and Surgical Implant placement

• Root canals

• Dentures and partial dentures

• Teeth straightening

• Teeth whitening

• Cosmetic Dentistry

General Dentistry Tooth Conditions Treated

Our team can help you manage the following oral health problems:

• Tooth Decay

• Dental Erosion

• Dental Abscess

• Toothaches

• Root Decay

• Plaque

• Malocclusion

• Cracked Tooth

• Neglected Root Canal

• Teeth Stains

• Cracked Molar

• Broken Tooth

• Dental Calculus

• Hyperdontia

• Sensitive Teeth

• Filling Fell Out

• Shifting Teeth

• Chipped Tooth

• Fractured Cusp

General Dentistry Conditions Treated

Our team can diagnose and treat the following oral health problems:

• Tooth decay and dental infection

• Gingivitis

• Periodontal Disease

• Pericoronitis

• Gum Disease

• Dry Mouth

• Bad Breath

• Burning Mouth/Tongue

• Oral Thrush

• Trench Mouth

• Eruption Cyst

• Prognathism

• Tooth Infection Spreading

• Pediatric Periodontal Disease

When Should You See A General Dentist?

We recommend you schedule an appointment every six months for preventative services. In this way, an expert will keep track of your oral health and will identify with ease the initial stages of any condition. A routine dental appointment is a key to your overall wellbeing.

But depending on your situation, you might require emergency dental care services or an appointment with a dental specialist. Dental disease can happen when you expect it least, so it is imperative to take adequate steps before it worsens.

Why Choose Us?

General dentistry services are the foundation of any dental clinic. Dentistry is all about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of a wide array of diseases, disorders, and conditions affecting the teeth, gums, and the maxillofacial region of the body. A well-trained and knowledgeable general dentist can offer proper services depending on your oral hygiene and tooth health.

Ideally, we aim to educate our patients to perceive dentistry from a preventative point of view. Regular checkups and oral health maintenance can prevent the development of serious dental problems that lead to costly treatments.

At Million Dollar Smile, we do our best to offer a comprehensive list of dentistry services. These range from general dentistry to endodontics and orthodontics. So if you want to know which the best approach is for you, you should reach out today. Our experienced team is more than happy to guide you towards achieving good oral health and a beautiful smile.

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