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Dentistry is all about the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of conditions, diseases, and disorders of the teeth, mouth, gums, and jaw. These can have a significant impact on your overall health, which is why we recommend a visit to a dental clinic at least twice a year. Down below, you can discover some of the frequently asked questions by our patients.

Dental FAQsWhy Should I Visit A Dentist Every 6 Months?Regular dental checkups will keep your teeth and mouth healthy while allowing your provider to notice the early signs of a potentially serious problem. Preventive dental care is important because it protects against gum disease, prevents bad breath and tooth decay, and gives you a more attractive smile.

What Should I Expect During A Dental Checkup?Your dentist will request information about your recent medical history, check your mouth, and establish whether you need X-rays. A dentist may use special instruments to examine your gums for gum disease based on the treatment plan. Keep in mind that a dental expert will assess your overall dental health, including your jaw and neck.

I Have A Knocked Out Tooth. Should I See A Dentist?If you have a knocked-out tooth, you should opt for emergency dental care. It is best to ask for immediate help since getting to a dentist in the first hour can make a huge difference between saving and losing a tooth.

I Have Braces. Should I See A Dentist Every Six Months?Definitely! It is imperative for patients receiving orthodontic treatments to schedule regular visits to their dentist. It is an excellent way to ensure the treatment is working correctly while your teeth remain clean and healthy.

How Do I Schedule My Next Appointment?You can schedule a dental checkup by clicking the Book An Appointment button at the top of our website. If you’re dealing with an emergency and require immediate help, you can reach out at this number: +1(858)412-5777.

Does A Dental Procedure Hurt?Our dentist can recommend a local anesthetic to prevent pain and discomfort depending on your oral health problem. Some patients note that the injection can become uncomfortable, but it resolves after a couple of seconds. In most cases, dental procedures aren’t painful if performed by an experienced professional.

Is It Necessary To Replace Missing Teeth?Absolutely! We recommend to our patients to replace any missing teeth as soon as possible. It can help restore a beautiful smile and improve oral health. However, tooth loss can lead to bone loss, which is why you shouldn’t delay your appointment. Remember that if you have a missing tooth, the surrounding teeth are susceptible to decay.

How Much Will It Cost?The price for your treatment plan varies depending on your needs. Our experts’ design personalized treatment plans to help you manage your issue and prevent further problems. Only after an initial checkup, a dentist can estimate the overall cost of your procedure. You can contact us today for additional information on the costs of our dental services.

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