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Welcome To Million Dollar Smile!

We are a caring and knowledgeable dental clinic in San Diego, California. We have a friendly team with highly experienced dentists and dental assistants. Our support staff is passionate about our services and aims to offer the best in-clinic experience.

At Million Dollar Smile, we strive to make your visits as stress-free as possible. We never ignore your needs and expectations! This is why we focus on creating personalized treatment plans!

We promote an open and honest culture of communication. Hence, we will always inform you about what your treatment entails and encourage you to discuss any concerns you may have. And, of course, we are ready to help you as soon as possible. Our emergency dental care service was created to help you manage any dental emergency you might stumble upon.

We know that oral health and wellness are vital to your general health! Therefore, we are committed to helping you maintain your oral health as a vital part of your overall wellbeing and wellness. Each of our team members follows the personal advice of our founder, Dr. Robair Aldaya. He is a highly-trained dentist who aims to educate others on the best practices for both patient care and dental services.

Our Founder's Message

"When I welcome you to Million Dollar Smile, I don't look at you as yet another patient. I listen to your needs, treat you like I would do with a family member, and only suggest the treatments you need.

My team has the skills and expertise to make you feel at home! That's why we have a dedication to the powerful connection between your oral and mental health. Achieving the smile of your dreams is more than aesthetics! It's about regaining confidence and feeling good about yourself!

So, don't expect your appointment to be average. I focus on offering patient-oriented care in a selfless and welcoming way! Besides emergency care services, we can discuss the proper wellness plan for you. We do more than just managing your teeth' health! We help you achieve the smile of your dreams!"

Dr. Robair Aldaya DDS

Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to offer a good dental treatment experience to all our patients. We want to ensure that everyone walks out of our clinic with a delightful smile. Therefore, we concentrate on continuous innovation, research, and training, along with knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Million Dollar Smile is housed in a modern space, being a well-equipped and fully functional dental clinic. We take pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality services, including general dentistry, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry procedures. You can check the full list of services available on our website!

We offer:

• Punctual appointments

• Quality care and service

• Minimal discomfort

• A relaxed and professional environment

• Transparency and openness

At Million Dollar Smile, your oral health and comfort come first. The in-depth experience of our team and cutting-edge technology is what sets us apart. If you have additional questions about us, don't hesitate to reach out today. We are happy to answer any query you might have!

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